Live Your Most Authentic Life

Last February I took my first solo girl trip. Me, myself, and I hopped on a roughly 90 minute flight to paradise: the island of Bermuda. It was a much needed vacation. One that was in the works for years.

And as I sat on my bed crouched over my laptop, scrolling through JetBlue’s Getaways, I chose the cheapest one because I knew I would be traveling while funemployed. You see, this mini-vacation would be booked the night I decided to resign from my most recent journalism gig. It was all planned out: I would quit, and the next week, be baking in the Bermudian sun—increasing my melanin.

The leaving my job part went as scheduled. But the trip? Jeez. Long story short: I was due to leave to Bermuda when my flight was canceled an hour before take off. The snowstorm that was threatening the East Coast was barreling right in the plane’s path to paradise. Thankfully, I was funemployed, so I could re-book my trip with no conflict (HEHE). The only thing I was tight about was that I would be making the almost two hour trip to the airport again.

ANYWAY. Sitting in the airport for the second time that month, waiting to board the plane for real, I looked down at my passport and cup of tea and realized that 2016 was going to be a trip. Well, not just 2016, but the next phase of my life was going to be an entirely new journey. (It was! More on that later.)

I was done and over with being a journalist/editor/content slave.

I didn’t know what would be next, but I knew I had to get out of where I was to get a clearer glimpse of what my future could look like. There’s no way I could stomach having to edit another mind-numbing post about Kanye and his Twitter meltdowns.

The truth is, I’ve been in that very place before. At the end of the road with the latest media job, and O-V-E-R it. Nothing about being an editor fulfilled me anymore. And if I was honest with myself, it hadn’t for a very long time. The editor life sure as heck had the best perks. The free trips, events, swag, access, and etc. Whew. That’s a hard life to give up. However, sleep and sanity outweighed any benefits I ever received.

There’s no doubt I’ll miss being in the inner media circle; knowing everything before the public. Needless to say, it's time I stop doing what I think I should be doing and just do what I want to do. AKA, live my most authentic life.

My next chapter has revealed itself and I am so excited. I'm listening to the direction my heart beats...and it is taking me all the way to California.