The Black Girl Magic Bond

I didn't anticipate how much I needed this trip. This chance to engulf myself in The Black Girl Magic Bond.

Months prior to the voyage into Vermont, I decided that I wanted to go on a road trip before my time on the East Coast came to a close. I needed to explore my home coast before I shipped my life out west. It didn't really matter where; it just had to be way out of Manhattan and way north. After some research, I landed on Burlington, VT. A 5-hour road trip would lead my girlfriends and I to relaxation. We'd be able to do things people of leisure usually do: Walk a trail, taste wine, watch the sun set, stroll a rocky beach, and maybe even make some wine. Wine was the most important part. Because, why wouldn't it be?

But first, I had to decide who would be coming on the adventure. I decided on three women I knew would mesh well together. They all had something in common: MEEEE!! Ha, just kidding. Well, there's that and they are all Women of God with a dash of hood (#HoodAndHoly). I told these ladies that I hand-picked them. And while I certainly did, I feel like God chose them. Each of our friendships began and journeyed differently, but I hold each of my relationships with them dear to my heart. Anyway, I digressed.

So unfortunately, err, fortunately, our 4th of July weekend venture was greeted with rain. Lots of rain. Liiiike, I-almost-ran-off-the-road rain but God got me so it's all good. The wet weather forced us to switch up our schedule a bit. Most of the outdoorsy things had to be canceled. Thankfully, I had some flexible ladies with me. Pro tip: Create a schedule filled with places you want to visit, and make everything optional so no one feels stressed.

One of the main stops on our trip was to the Charlotte Village Winery. The wine tasting is f-r-e-e and they specialize in making blueberry wine (!!!). After we had our fair share of tasty vino, we sat outside on the winery's patio sipping on a fresh glass our respective wine choices. Three hours later and multiple wine bottles bought, we were still sitting outside talking and listening to rap.

Somewhere in between the several conversations on our Faith and the Black woman in America experience, it hit me. I saw how important it was for Black women to have safe spaces. This is something I always knew. But there was just something about being in the midst of The BGMB and feeling free to be me that made it very clear. When Black women gather, we are able to talk raw and real about our life experiences. Each of our stories are unique but alike. And because of that, we need one another.